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Document Management System (Developer & Graphic Designer)

I’m currently co-developing a massive enterprise level web application used by fortune 500 companies and government contractors. The application includes user roles and permissions, advanced reporting using separate reporting servers, custom APIs for interfacing with client internal systems, custom workflow processing for internal approval processes, inventory tracking, and regulatory threshold monitoring. The application includes fully [...]

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UPC Inventory Tracking

This thick client / server project was developed as an inventory package to be used in a touch screen environment. The client application takes advantage of WPF animation effects to create a fluid and user friendly interface. The server side is a PC based web service connected to a SQL Server 2005 database. The system [...]

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RFID Inventory Tracking

This project consists of two parts: a PPC client application and a PC base web service. The system was designed to track location and quantities of chemical inventory. The client application is capable of two way synchronization and is designed to be taken into the field where there will be no network connection. The application [...]

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