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Document Management System (Developer & Graphic Designer)

I’m currently co-developing a massive enterprise level web application used by fortune 500 companies and government contractors. The application includes user roles and permissions, advanced reporting using separate reporting servers, custom APIs for interfacing with client internal systems, custom workflow processing for internal approval processes, inventory tracking, and regulatory threshold monitoring. The application includes fully [...]

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Ceasefire On Page SEO Enhancements

My goal with the Ceasefire website was to create a way for the site owners to set custom titles, meta keywords, and descriptions for each of the site’s static pages. To accomplish this I created a single XML file that contained all the meta data for each of the static pages. When a page was [...]

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Innovation Asset Group

This brochureware website was written in classic asp. My involvement consisted of both creating pages from customer supplied word documents as well as adding the following core elements: the context sensitive tree menu, a lightbox viewer for screenshots, and widget manager for placing dynamic page specific widgets in the side bar. Additionally, I made improvements [...]

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